Gas mixers

Gas Mixers of company Dansensor MAP MIX 9000 and Provectus are devices for mixing two/three gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide) in the specified proportions in place.

Benefits of using mixers in front of cylinders:

  • A wide range of performance adjustment – up to 3000 l/min.;
  • Opportunity to set the necessary concentration of the mixture depending on the type of work;
  • Not dependent on the constancy of the feed components to be mixed;
  • Ability to work with short-term supply of the mixture;
  • Cost savings in the gas mixture – up to 40%;
  • Constant analysis of the gas mixture;

Portable Gas Analyzer Check Point
Designed for the selective analysis of the atmosphere in the pack with MGS.


  • Analysis of oxygen and carbon dioxide;
  • Accuracy – 0.1%;
  • Transmission of data analysis to PC – USB connection;
  • Barcode scanner (optional);
  • Easy to handle;
  • Runs on batteries.
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