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Cryomassage – for the health of the facial skin benefits

Nowadays the face cryomassage is one of the most popular and effective treatment for the facial skin rejuvenating and restoring. This procedure helps to remove the sites of inflammation, eliminate various skin problems, as well as to normalize the sebaceous glands functioning.
Already after the first treatment with liquid nitrogen, the patients feel that their skin became more youthful and fresh.

The cryomassage principle of treatment
The first question, which is set concerning this procedure – how to give a cryomassage with liquid nitrogen? This procedure is underway exclusively in beauty salons, where experts pass a special applicator for the massage lines. The masters also can pointwise affect on the problem areas. Direct contact of liquid nitrogen with the skin does not occur.
Mandatory requirement – the presence of an air cushion with a low thermal conductivity. The face most problematic area is dried and the top layer is peeled, and the new skin is formed on its place.

How to give a cryomassage with liquid nitrogen?
Cryomassage is a procedure in which because of the impact of the cold the vessels firstly constrict, and then dilate. As a result, metabolism improves. The skin thus receives a great amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other important elements.
Massage with liquid nitrogen usage is recommended where there are the first signs of skin aging, which begin to appear after 25-30 years. In total, the course includes 15 sessions to be carried out at least 2 times a week. Courses can be repeated 2 times a year. If your goal is not just rejuvenation, but getting rid of any defects, the frequency of the courses can be increased.
Liquid nitrogen perfectly copes with the skin aging signs, small defects, swellings and inflammations on the skin.

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The used equipment selling

• Railroad tank cars

• Automotive semitrailers (eighteen-wheelers)

• Compressors

• Gasifiers

• Railroad tank cars

• Railroad tank cars 8G513 with capacitivity of 35 tons.
There are several tank cars of various years of production – 1986, 1978, 1979, 1976, 1982.
We have tank cars both with the rail chassis and removed from them (they can be used for the storage of air separation products as stationary store).

• RCV-63/0,5.
Reservoir RCV-63 / 0.5 for the cryogenic products storage. Equipment of 1989 production was in operation for three months.


Special program for healthcare facilities

imgpreviewOur company is ready:
• to develop or restore the project design documentation;
• to provide cryogenic equipment;
• to perform reconstruction or repairing of the existing pipeline of the medical gas supply systems;
• to carry out maintenance and servicing of the medical gas supply systems.
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Ukraine’s first cryogenic ice cream

криогенное-мороженое-с-азотом-740x1148-279x300In early summer 2014, the KRIOGENSERVIS company began the equipment and liquid nitrogen for supplying for a new direction in the food industry of Ukraine CRYOGENIC ICE CREAM.
The technology of ice cream cooling by using liquid nitrogen largely surpasses traditional cooling methods, since the ice cream is cooled by adding liquid nitrogen directly into the ingredients mixture. This allows the ice cream to cool for 1-2 minutes. Through this process, a size of ice crystals in the ice cream is the minimum, and its texture is the tenderest. Normal ice cream is being cooled at a temperature of -25 ° — -30 ° C for several hours. But what we should pay attention to: the longer the process of freezing and above the temperature at which it freezes the more ice crystals in it. And vice versa, respectively, the faster and at lower temperature the ice cream is cooled, the smaller the ice crystals are obtained.
On the commercial freezing
Just above we wrote that the normal process of the ice cream freezing is long enough, because it occurs at a much higher temperature. But it is worth to take into considering a few factors of the conventional ice cream production, transportation and storage.
Firstly, freezing machines, in which the ice cream is produced and stored, cyclically come on and turn off, which is why the temperature inside them varies.
Secondly, during the ice-cream transportation from the manufacturer to points of sale (shops, cafes), the ambient temperature fluctuates. For better ice cream storage and transportation, we recommend the dry ice usage.

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The Cryogenservice company launched the production of multi-component control gas mixtures.

pgs_gso-256x300• Control gas mixtures (CGM) are manufactured in cylinders under the pressure of 10 MPa and intended for testing, calibration, grading of measuring instruments and the measurement procedures certification. We offer the CGM, which meet reference standards (GOST 8.315), and are a means of measuring the content of components in gaseous media according to the DSTU 3214-2003. Control gas mixtures consist of components, which do not react with each other and the container walls. If necessary, it is carrying out the inspection of cylinders, valve repair, preparation and painting of the inner surface of the cylinders.
For preparing the CGM that meet the requirements of existing regulations, pure gases are used.
The CGM composition is advisable to express in terms of the molar fraction (mol/mol). If the composition has to be determined in terms of other quantities, such as mass concentration or volume fraction, then you must specify the appropriate conditions (pressure and temperature), as well as to identify the additional indeterminacy components and take them into account when calculating the CGM indeterminacy components. The quantities conversion of gas mixture is carrying out in accordance with the DSTU ISO 14912.
• Our company also offers the customized multi-component mixtures (up to 22 components) according to the terms (technical requirements) of the customer.
Non-standard gas mixtures limitation of scope for special purposes:
• Defense Industry
• Medicine
• Natural gas output and gas processing, oxygen industry
• Coal mining industry
• Energy, iron and steel industry
• Petrochemical and chemical process industry
• Electronics
• Geochemistry, climatology
• Environmental protection, sanitary inspection
• Gas mixtures for industrial laser machines are manufactured with a pressure of 10 MPa and supplied in cylinders 10 to 50 liters.
The CGM type composition: CO2-N2-He and H2-He
We guarantee you the high quality of our products and timely delivery.
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