Ukraine’s first cryogenic ice cream

криогенное-мороженое-с-азотом-740x1148-279x300In early summer 2014, the KRIOGENSERVIS company began the equipment and liquid nitrogen for supplying for a new direction in the food industry of Ukraine CRYOGENIC ICE CREAM.
The technology of ice cream cooling by using liquid nitrogen largely surpasses traditional cooling methods, since the ice cream is cooled by adding liquid nitrogen directly into the ingredients mixture. This allows the ice cream to cool for 1-2 minutes. Through this process, a size of ice crystals in the ice cream is the minimum, and its texture is the tenderest. Normal ice cream is being cooled at a temperature of -25 ° — -30 ° C for several hours. But what we should pay attention to: the longer the process of freezing and above the temperature at which it freezes the more ice crystals in it. And vice versa, respectively, the faster and at lower temperature the ice cream is cooled, the smaller the ice crystals are obtained.
On the commercial freezing
Just above we wrote that the normal process of the ice cream freezing is long enough, because it occurs at a much higher temperature. But it is worth to take into considering a few factors of the conventional ice cream production, transportation and storage.
Firstly, freezing machines, in which the ice cream is produced and stored, cyclically come on and turn off, which is why the temperature inside them varies.
Secondly, during the ice-cream transportation from the manufacturer to points of sale (shops, cafes), the ambient temperature fluctuates. For better ice cream storage and transportation, we recommend the dry ice usage.

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