Cryostore is designed for long term storage of biomaterials (blood, stem cells, sperm) in liquid nitrogen in stationary conditions. Used in medicine or animal husbandry.

Cryostore is a cryogenic tank, the inner vessel of which is hanged by the neck.
In the inner vessel there are built-in units for bioproducts containers.

We offer a comprehensive solution for storage of biological products:

  • Cryostore
  • Containers for bio
  • Tanks for storage of liquid nitrogen
  • Apparatus for thawing bio
  • Cryogenic Pumps
  • Hoses with metal braid
  • On request, a kit can include the tanks to transport liquid nitrogen, automatic regulation of the level of liquid nitrogen, alarm system.

We have an possibility to provide coldstore equipment on “turnkey” basis of different sizes, and the type of the stored product, and ensure the supplying of liquid nitrogen.


Biomaterials storage options

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