Dry ice blasting

Cryogenic blasting – surface cleaning with dry ice pellets.

Cleaning with dry ice pellets – is an effective, fast and environmentally friendly method that is an alternative to traditional methods of cleaning. This technology is suitable for almost any material and has a very wide range of applications.

Dry Ice is an innovative technology ensures particularly gentle cleaning of all surfaces from various contaminants, it costs much less than traditional cleaning methods and is environmentally friendly.

Environmentally friendly solution

Dry ice pellets evaporate instantly on contact without leaving traces and secondary waste. There is no need to dispose of harmful toxic chemicals
Extending the operating cleaning equipment Dry Ice can be done without removing the equipment and without the need for cooling and drying, which usually takes a long time
More effective and thorough than manual cleaning

Dry Ice for a thorough and rapid penetration through the narrow and hard to reach spaces inaccessible for manual cleaning
Safe cleaning of electrical components

When cleaning with dry ice equipment remains dry – ideal for cleaning electrical equipment or other water sensitive devices
Gentle cleaning process

Non-abrasive and non-corrosive procedure does not damage the surface, thereby maintaining tolerances and precision equipment settings
Profitability method to pay off quickly by releasing the labor force and a significant reduction in downtime
Prevents growth of bacteria Dry ice – a natural antibacterial cleaning agent. Due to extreme temperatures -79o with dry ice immediately kills bacteria and fungi on contact. While cleaning is disinfection without chemicals, toxins or additional agents

If you are looking for a way to get rid of the environmental pollution, toxic substances, waste substances – non-abrasive method of cleaning with dry ice that’s the perfect solution to your problems!

Applications of Dry Ice:

  • Food Industry
  • mixers, dispensers, containers, bakeware, conveyors, packaging

  • Foundry
  • operational cleaning mold from industrial pollution and sediment

  • Manufacture of metal
  • weld cleaning, surface preparation for painting

  • Manufacturing of rubber products
  • cleaning tooling (molds) and equipment for the manufacture of tires and other rubber products

  • Processing of polymers and plastics
  • cleaning of equipment for production of polyurethane foam, cleaning of molds for the production of PET bottles, cleaning accessories and equipment (molds, molds, presses, dies, screws) for the production of other plastic products

  • Railway
  • cleaning wheels and trucks, cleaning equipment and engine locomotives

  • Printing industry
  • cleaning of printing machines in the collection, the individual parts, assemblies and mechanisms

  • Energy
  • Preventive cleaning and capital equipment without disassembly and power failure: electric motors, generators, transformers, switchgear, insulators, heat exchangers, turbines, and other units

  • Other branches
  • Cleaning of ventilation systems; Restoration of facades, cleaning wood surfaces

List of contamination removed by cryogenic blasting technology:
dirt, oil, fat, petrol, tar, asbestos, toxic residues, soot, varnish, glue, preservatives, spraying, welding slag, molding lubricants, inks, paints, varnishes, algae, slime, clams, radioactive contamination, heavy metals.

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