1. Flowmeter with humidifier of oxygen (inhaler) – connects directly to the coupling for medical gases. Humidified oxygen is supplied to the patient through a mask or nasal inlet. Fluid volume of 250 ml. Can be sterilized in an autoclave.

2. Nebulizer – an inhaler with a polydisperse spray of liquid up to 5 microns, you can use oxygen or compressed air. For the patient summed “pair”, which he breathes freely. Supply hose is controlled by the elastic conductor. To be sterilized at a temperature of 65 ° C

3. Hose – is used to summarize emissions from extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and anesthesia-breathing apparatus to the patient. Length 50 m

4. Oxygen face mask for adults and children – soft flexible mask with nasal clip. The hose has a special frame, which prevents it from quitting.

5. Nasal oxygen hose for adults, children and infants – the hose with a special frame, which prevents it from quitting.

6. The oxygen hose 2.1 m – at the ends of the hose has universal adapters. Has a special frame, which prevents it from quitting.

7. Aerosol Mask for adults and children – soft flexible mask with nasal clip, adapter 22 mm.

8. Tracheostomy mask for adults and children – soft flexible mask with 22 mm adapter.

9. Silicone Ambu bag for adults – to provide ventilation in emergency procedures. Provides pressure on the breath of 40 cm water column. Can be sterilized in an autoclave at 130 ° C. A bag is elastic. The amount of “exhalation” in 1500 mL for patients whose weight exceeds 30 kg.

10. Ejector – an alternative source of vacuum for hospitals that do not have the centralized system of vacuum. Create a negative pressure (vacuum) only when connected to a source of compressed air or oxygen. Equipped with pressure gauge, manual flow control and switch to immediately turn on / turn off the vacuum flow, noise filter. Recommended for use with a capacity to collect aspiration of the masses.

11. The vacuum controller – is designed to regulate the vacuum in the suction system attached to a central vacuum network. Equipped with pressure gauge, manual control flow and a switch for instant on / off the vacuum flow. Joins the sleeve for medical gases through the connector or through a flexible hose ¬ ha. The regulator body is made of impact resistant plastic. It is recommended to use with the capacity to collect aspiration masses. Available in 3 versions – in the vacuum 250 mbar, 600 mbar and 1000 mbar.

12. Compact suction ejector (set) Air, O2 – consists of an ejector, aspiration mass trap (500 ml) and bacterial filter. Catcher of the aspiration masses to be sterilized in an autoclave at 125 ° C

13. Vacuum hose (5×8 0, 0 8h12, 8h13 0, 0 7×10 / 10×15) – is used to connect components of the vacuum system (vacuum regulator – aspiration mass trap – the vacuum tip or cannula). Length of 30 m

14. Mobile breathing apparatus OxyMA – used ambulance for emergency resuscitation of victim on the spot. Complete with an oxygen cylinder at 2.5-5 liters, gear flowmeter with humidifier for oxygen, optionally can be equipped with vacuum ejector.

15. Pressure Regulators (reducers) – are designed to reduce pressure on medical oxygen cylinder. It is a single stage regulator with pressure gauge and diaphragm. Fitted within the filter to avoid the penetration of impurities, a safety valve against pressure increase during operation. The controller has a sensor to measure the input pressure of and configure the outgoing pressure regulation upstream (error 10%). During prolonged inhalation of oxygen, wet oxygen is recommended using a humidifier.

16. Feed Valve- is a simple and effective device for oxygen patients with impaired respiratory and gives 100% oxygen to a patient suffering from acute respiratory failure. Equipped with a standard system of SNI ¬ zheniya pressure. Convenient location of the button allows you to place the oxygen supply both hands on the patient’s face to ensure tight contact with the face mask. Easy to disassemble for cleaning.

17. Catcher of the aspiration masses – is designed for use with vacuum regulators and ejectors. Equipped with a safety valve to protect the vacuum source or vacuum centralized network from pollution. To be sterilized in an autoclave at temperatures up to +135 ° C. The volume capacity of 500 ml, 1000 ml, 2000 ml and 4000 ml.

18. Medibag – Disposable collecting container for the collection of liquid materials in the medical environment. Shall be destroyed immediately after filling, in accordance with hospital guidelines.

19. Accessories



Basket 500

basket-holder-for-Medicollect 500

Basket 1000

basket-holder-for-Medicollect 1000

Basket 2000

basket-holder-for-Medicollect 2000

Ring 2000

ring-holder-for-Medicollect 2000
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