Storage tanks

Gasifier cryogenservice

Designed for storage of liquefied gases – oxygen, argon and nitrogen – and delivery of gas under pressure of 15-35 bar (1.5 – 3.5 MPa).
Application of gasifiers (storage tank installation equipped with evaporators) is possible in any industry that uses these gases.

Gasifier is an autonomous complex consisting of a cryogenic storage tank, evaporator units, reinforcement enclosure, which houses the locking and control devices, safety valves and control devices, piping trim.
Heat regulatory tank space is vacuumed. Operating pressure is maintained automatically, using the environment heat for gasification, so no additional power sources nor continuous operator are required. Regardless of the duration of storage of cryogenic products in the tank, there are no losses, if the resulting gas is fed into the line of consumption.

The advantage of using gasifiers compared to gas supply in cylinders:

  • Does not require additional labor costs, to ensure the operation of the gasifier one person is enough;
  • Do not require the use of lifting devices;
  • Excluded the possibility of misuse;
  • Increased production safety;
  • Work gasifier is fully automated.

The use of gasifiers to optimize production, reduce labor costs, to avoid unauthorized use of gases and save up to 40% on the gas and up to 20% on the costs of delivery.
Working pressure – 15, 18 and 35 bar;
Volume – 1 to 500 m3.

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