Advantages of BioArhive for banks of stem cells:

  • low cost of the operational process (low cost of liquid nitrogen on a sample during the savings and program freeze. Fully automated process reduces staff time).
  • Reduce the cost of equipment (do not need a large amount of storage Dewar (one unit replaces the 6-7 Dewar).
  • Presence of two embedded software freezers.
  • Security and Protection (semi-closed system reduces the effect of nitrogen on the operator. UPS allows you to place / remove the sample in case of power failure. Parameters of the 24-hour monitoring and management include:
    1. monitoring the level of liquid nitrogen
    2. password to access
    3. ID number of the operator, which is stored in the database
  • Integrated software freezer (to minimize temperature fluctuations, there is no manual transfer of the sample stage with a program in the freezer for storage dewar)
  • Cryocontainer 25 ml (geometric constant sample size, reproducible process for each unit of frost, the ability to bookmark and robotic extraction of the sample, decreases the probability of error associated with the human factor)
  • Management system model (use of bar – code eliminates errors when moving the sample, a report on the model: the history of the sample, inventory, schedule freezing)

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