Cryomassage – for the health of the facial skin benefits

Nowadays the face cryomassage is one of the most popular and effective treatment for the facial skin rejuvenating and restoring. This procedure helps to remove the sites of inflammation, eliminate various skin problems, as well as to normalize the sebaceous glands functioning.
Already after the first treatment with liquid nitrogen, the patients feel that their skin became more youthful and fresh.

The cryomassage principle of treatment
The first question, which is set concerning this procedure – how to give a cryomassage with liquid nitrogen? This procedure is underway exclusively in beauty salons, where experts pass a special applicator for the massage lines. The masters also can pointwise affect on the problem areas. Direct contact of liquid nitrogen with the skin does not occur.
Mandatory requirement – the presence of an air cushion with a low thermal conductivity. The face most problematic area is dried and the top layer is peeled, and the new skin is formed on its place.

How to give a cryomassage with liquid nitrogen?
Cryomassage is a procedure in which because of the impact of the cold the vessels firstly constrict, and then dilate. As a result, metabolism improves. The skin thus receives a great amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other important elements.
Massage with liquid nitrogen usage is recommended where there are the first signs of skin aging, which begin to appear after 25-30 years. In total, the course includes 15 sessions to be carried out at least 2 times a week. Courses can be repeated 2 times a year. If your goal is not just rejuvenation, but getting rid of any defects, the frequency of the courses can be increased.
Liquid nitrogen perfectly copes with the skin aging signs, small defects, swellings and inflammations on the skin.

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