The Cryogenservice company launched the production of multi-component control gas mixtures.

pgs_gso-256x300• Control gas mixtures (CGM) are manufactured in cylinders under the pressure of 10 MPa and intended for testing, calibration, grading of measuring instruments and the measurement procedures certification. We offer the CGM, which meet reference standards (GOST 8.315), and are a means of measuring the content of components in gaseous media according to the DSTU 3214-2003. Control gas mixtures consist of components, which do not react with each other and the container walls. If necessary, it is carrying out the inspection of cylinders, valve repair, preparation and painting of the inner surface of the cylinders.
For preparing the CGM that meet the requirements of existing regulations, pure gases are used.
The CGM composition is advisable to express in terms of the molar fraction (mol/mol). If the composition has to be determined in terms of other quantities, such as mass concentration or volume fraction, then you must specify the appropriate conditions (pressure and temperature), as well as to identify the additional indeterminacy components and take them into account when calculating the CGM indeterminacy components. The quantities conversion of gas mixture is carrying out in accordance with the DSTU ISO 14912.
• Our company also offers the customized multi-component mixtures (up to 22 components) according to the terms (technical requirements) of the customer.
Non-standard gas mixtures limitation of scope for special purposes:
• Defense Industry
• Medicine
• Natural gas output and gas processing, oxygen industry
• Coal mining industry
• Energy, iron and steel industry
• Petrochemical and chemical process industry
• Electronics
• Geochemistry, climatology
• Environmental protection, sanitary inspection
• Gas mixtures for industrial laser machines are manufactured with a pressure of 10 MPa and supplied in cylinders 10 to 50 liters.
The CGM type composition: CO2-N2-He and H2-He
We guarantee you the high quality of our products and timely delivery.
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