In the Donetsk region tank with argon turned over

At the 414 km of the highway M-04 “Znamenka-Lugansk-Izvarino” near the turn to v. Marinovka (Donetsk region) yesterday, March 1, at about 20:00 there was a serious accident. As the correspondent of “URA-Inform. Donbass “, reported the press service of UGAI in the Donetsk region.

“From the city of Donetsk in the direction of Krasnoarmeysk moving vehicle” IVECO EVROTECH “semi-trailer” GOFA “, which was carrying argon gas. Because of decoupling hitch, the tank lost control, after which it was breaking on the roadway”- told the press service.

The employees of traffic police promptly organized a detour scene from two directions (from Donetsk and by Krasnoarmeisk). Bypass the “problem” of the plot organized by Selidovo.

Arriving on the scene, Emergency Situations Ministry identified a number of measures for the safe recovery tank on wheels. At the time of tipping tanks of gas leakage has not occurred.


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