In Lugansk looking again for the owners of killer-cylinders

2 years after the explosion in the City Hospital № 7 Prosecutory resumed the investigation and trying to find those who filled exploded cylinders.

Intensive care unit of the Central Hospital number 7 in the morning, Lugansk exploded on January 18. Under the debris killed 16 patients and medical staff. Six others rescuers managed to find a miracle way under the rubble of a five-story building.

Almost immediately, examination established that the fault was in oxygen cylinders, which were in intensive care. At the same time the defendants were the chief doctor hospital, his deputy and engineer for the protection of labor. But here is the search of those cylinders tucked deadly mixture of gases, quickly ceased.

The investigation was suspended because in was impossible to find the supplier of cylinders. It was found that the supplier of oxygen for hospital #7 is not a single company. And besides, there was an exchange between hospital cylinders. And since there is no marking on the container, to determine who the owner was not possible. Now, however, decided to resume the investigation – spokesman prosecutor of Luhansk region, Alexander Zaitsev.

The verdict in this case the resonance judges can not make for the past year. During this time, it has grown to 22 volumes and questioned more than 400 people. Relatives of the victims during this time obtained the release from prison doctors and hospitals need to find someone who made a refueling oxygen cylinders deadly gases. Now the hospital staff – a subscription on his own recognizance. They face up to seven years in prison.


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