Peace for the newborn!

NewbornFor any enterprise test of Derzhgirpromnaglyad – a kind of examination and evaluation of the real situation of safety and security. And very well when put head to inspectors as assistants in identifying problem points to a trusted him now.
Maternity hospital in Chernihiv one. Here from all over the city (and now the region) bring mothers. Come excited men who will soon become parents and just hope for the best. Here comes a new life. Inspectors from the state safety inspection supervision over industrial and occupational safety terupravlinnya Derzhgirpromnaglyad in Chernihiv region came here with a more prosaic subject – they had to check the status of safety and working conditions in the nursing home.

At the time when this writer visited the main maternity hospital in Chernihiv, there has completely solved the problem of providing oxygen resuscitation Children’s Department and other facilities. But quickly deal is done only on paper. As deputy chief physician whole folder copies of letters who has prepared a guide to solve the problem with oxygen for children. The fact that after the explosion of oxygen cylinders in hospitals Lugansk, which occurred several years ago, the Ministry of Health gave the order to all hospitals move from cylinders to concentrators – devices that produce oxygen from the air.Криоцилиндры в роддоме But what is good for adults, not suitable for premature babies. The hub can provide a mixture of air containing 85% oxygen. And kids need almost 100% ing oxygen. During the year, due to intensive care nursery are about 300 children, a third of which breathe oxygen. And some – more than three months.
Therefore, carefully analyzing the market of services for the supply of oxygen, Maternity moved to kriotsylindry with oxygen. It was not only safe, but also economically profitable lox cheaper than compressed. Earlier in the purchase of oxygen hospital spent about 60 thousand. per month, today – six times less!
Now in pediatric resuscitation are two children whose weight is only 640 grams! But if the presence of modern equipment to provide pure oxygen, they will live. In the maternity ward nurse even children who were born at 22 weeks of pregnancy! So a modern oxygen plant with a branched system kysneprovodiv for oxygen in different spaces – a common victory maternity and terupravlinnya Derzhgirpromnaglyad.

According to the magazine:
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