New line of business

With the beginning of 2013 the company “Cryogenservice” launched a new line of business – manufacturing dry ice and cryogenic blasting.

“Dry Ice” – solid carbon dioxide (CO2), under normal conditions (atmospheric pressure and room temperature) turns into a gaseous state without going through the liquid phase. And looks like ice (hence the name). Sublimation temperature under normal pressure – minus 78,5oC. Technical “dry ice” has a density of about 1560 kg/m3, during sublimation it absorbs about 590 kJ/kg (140 kCal/kg) of heat.
GOST 12162-77: Dry ice (carbon dioxide) – low-temperature product obtained from a liquid or gaseous carbon dioxide. Non-toxic, non-conductive. Color – white.

The interesting facts:

  • If a to piece of dry ice apply a spoon and press, you can hear a squeak sound caused by microvibrations of spoon during sublimation of ice.
  • If a piece of dry ice to throw in the water, it will be possible to observe the effect of boiling water, caused by the transition from solid dry ice to gas.
  • Despite the low temperature of dry ice, it can be touched without protective gloves for a short time.
  • If you drop small piece of dry ice in a bottle, cork it with water and shake, it will dissolve and there will be sparkling water. However, if you put too much, the bottle may explode.

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