Autogenous equipment

Cryogenservice company is a leading dealer of autogenous equipment DONMET in Kiev and in Ukraine.
Autogenous equipment plant DONMET was founded in 1990. Now, on the basis of its own patented engineering development, the plant serially produces 52 items of equipment for the metal cutting, welding and soldering, as well as 15 kinds of products for special applications.
Gas welding equipment and quality management system was certified in UkrSEPRO according DSTU ISO 9001-2001 – Certificate No. UA2.021.433. The control high degree level of the production process and the availability of testing research laboratory allows us to guarantee the reliability, durability and the output quality.
Products of the DONMET brand is well known both in Ukraine and abroad: in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, the Baltic States and Kazakhstan. The DONMET products – the winner of the “100 Best Products of Ukraine 2003.”
The main product that realizes the KRIOGENSERVIS firm is the equipment used in the process of welding, brazing, flame cutting, heating and other various materials:
• cutters (cutting of sheet metal and section);
• burners (welding, brazing, heating of the metal);
• check valves (protection against gas reverse flow and backfire);
• gas and food pressure regulators, flow regulators;
• spare parts and replacement parts.
We realize a wide range of welding equipment in all 28 branches of our company. In our sales offices you can get comprehensive advice on working with the welding equipment. We also provide full after-sales service. During the Cryogenservice company activity we have formed a strong partnerships with a lot of clients.

In case of any questions on the DONMET equipment you can contact us:
Central office:
Tel.: (044) 496-30-70
Fax: (044) 496-30-71
Specialist autogenous equipment:
Tel.: (050) 411-34-31
Danil Kravchenko
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