“ENERGY-WELDING GmbH” electric welding equipment

Our company has become the exclusive representative of the welders’ plant ENERGY -WELDING GmbH and can offer the best conditions for cooperation.


In our lives the welding machine is more and more indispensable both in the construction as for remedial maintenance, in subsidiary personal plots and auto repair shops. Due to a number of original design solutions, presented welding machines can work with a wide range of materials. All welders are equipped with the forced cooling. In addition, all welding machines are equipped with high-quality welding torches of the leading German company ABICOR BINZEL. And the traditional for “Energy” welding production technology provides a reliable and continuous operation of the welding machine, and lowest repairs and maintenance costing.
The company’s goal is the each item absolute quality. To achieve the goal the company’s management pays special attention to their production quality control and vocational training of their staff. For all time of existence on the welding technologies market, the company has proved itself as a steadily growing manufacturer of the welding equipment, trustworthy their customers due to its quality and practical convenience. All declared technical data are true. The main indicator – maximum welding current is real, and not in the “short circuit situation”. The power windings are essentially copper, that in combination with a forced cooling increases the allowable load duration and hence, the effectiveness of the product operation. The welding circuits of the inverter and classic welders designed for the problem electrical power networks (unstable, reduced to 30% of voltage, etc.), emit a minimum of interference and work on a gasoline generator.
Elasticity, ergonomics and the length of the burner (3 meters) allow carrying out accurate and quality work in the enlarged area and in hard-to-reach places. Used components of leading companies, electronic circuit layout, component arrangement, quality, ensure the reliable operation of the equipment and a firm guarantee during 24 months. Guarantee repair is carried out in a period of not more than 3 working days. A 100% repairability, the minimum price and ultimate accessibility of the post-warranty service. Due to the wide dealer network – consumable materials and accessories to the sources, the burners and the feeding mechanisms of its own production are always in stock. Certification of the entire production range in the UkrSEPRO system, based on the tests, made at the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, is the “Energy” brand guarantee of safety and the equipment quality.

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