Oxygen – a natural alternative to pills!

006-300x230Oxygen is the most Earth crust pervasive chemical element. In a loose condition it occurs in the air, in the bound state it is a part of water, minerals and all the substances that form the plants and animals organisms. The Earth crust oxygen aggregate quantity is almost a half of its mass (about 47% by weight). The natural oxygen consists of three stable isotopes with rough atomic weights of 16 (99.76%), 17 (0.04%) and 18 (0.2%).
In a pure form oxygen was first obtained in 1771 by Joseph Priestley (1733-1804), who threw it out of mercuric oxide. “Just as the candle burns away faster in a dephlogisticated air than usual (so he called oxygen), and we, probably, would have got through one’s own life too fast … in the pure air,” Joseph Priestley wrote in his book in 1774, p.228. In the same book, the author tells of his experiences during inhalation of oxygen and predicts this gas an important medical value.


Oxygen cylinders and cryocylinders


More than 100 years of oxygen widely used in almost all medical institutions around the world. And all the while his delivery in health facilities was carried out in a traditional way – with a steel cylinder. Standard oxygen cylinder – a steel cylindrical vessel 70 kg, 40-liter, filled with gaseous oxygen up to 150 atmospheres (15 MPa).
Working with balloons extremely laborious and dangerous. Cylinders, received a medical facility, it is necessary to unload, move to the discharge ramp to connect / disconnect and perform all the same in reverse. These operations are carried out with use of oxygen several times a day. Read the rest of this entry »


New line of business

With the beginning of 2013 the company “Cryogenservice” launched a new line of business – manufacturing dry ice and cryogenic blasting.

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Nice replacement

Until 2010 provision of medical oxygen to medical institutions (hereinafter – MPI) of Zaporizhzhya City was carried out in the standard oxygen cylinders (weight with gas – 90 kg, capacity – 40 L, pressure – 150 bar or 15 MPa) connected to the ramp. Annual demand for oxygen in one health facility was around 120-150 cylinders, and in all 12 health facilities of urban governance on health, which use medical oxygen, annually it was used about 10 thousand cylinders.
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Peace for the newborn!

NewbornFor any enterprise test of Derzhgirpromnaglyad – a kind of examination and evaluation of the real situation of safety and security. And very well when put head to inspectors as assistants in identifying problem points to a trusted him now.
Maternity hospital in Chernihiv one. Here from all over the city (and now the region) bring mothers. Come excited men who will soon become parents and just hope for the best. Here comes a new life. Inspectors from the state safety inspection supervision over industrial and occupational safety terupravlinnya Derzhgirpromnaglyad in Chernihiv region came here with a more prosaic subject – they had to check the status of safety and working conditions in the nursing home.
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