Autogenous equipment

Cryogenservice company is a leading dealer of autogenous equipment DONMET in Kiev and in Ukraine.
Autogenous equipment plant DONMET was founded in 1990. Now, on the basis of its own patented engineering development, the plant serially produces 52 items of equipment for the metal cutting, welding and soldering, as well as 15 kinds of products for special applications.
Gas welding equipment and quality management system was certified in UkrSEPRO according DSTU ISO 9001-2001 – Certificate No. UA2.021.433. The control high degree level of the production process and the availability of testing research laboratory allows us to guarantee the reliability, durability and the output quality.
Products of the DONMET brand is well known both in Ukraine and abroad: in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, the Baltic States and Kazakhstan. The DONMET products – the winner of the “100 Best Products of Ukraine 2003.”
The main product that realizes the KRIOGENSERVIS firm is the equipment used in the process of welding, brazing, flame cutting, heating and other various materials:
• cutters (cutting of sheet metal and section);
• burners (welding, brazing, heating of the metal);
• check valves (protection against gas reverse flow and backfire);
• gas and food pressure regulators, flow regulators;
• spare parts and replacement parts.
We realize a wide range of welding equipment in all 28 branches of our company. In our sales offices you can get comprehensive advice on working with the welding equipment. We also provide full after-sales service. During the Cryogenservice company activity we have formed a strong partnerships with a lot of clients.

In case of any questions on the DONMET equipment you can contact us:
Central office:
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Specialist autogenous equipment:
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Danil Kravchenko
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Welding and assembly works

531px-SMAW.welding.af_.ncs_-265x300Welding is the technological procedure of the mechanically nondetachable connection producing, characterized by a structure continuity – a continuous structural bond.
This technological procedure, by which all the basic design of hydraulic structures, steam and nuclear power plants, road, city and railway bridges, wagons, surface-craft and submarines, construction metal structures, all kinds of cranes and many other products are made.
If some time ago the structures having been made mostly from relatively simply welded materials, but now, along with the traditional, the materials with very different physical characteristics: corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant steels and alloys, nickel and copper alloys with special properties, light alloys of aluminum and magnesium basics, titanium alloys, niobium, tantalum and other metals and alloys are used for welding structures.
The variety of weldable structures and the properties of the materials, used for their producing, enforce to use the various welding methods, various welding heat sources.
Welding works that would require special equipment and highly skilled welders belong to a special type of service, and not all organizations are able to provide it.
At the moment on the market there are numerous proposals for welding, but the KRIOGENSERVIS company has a special equipment for various welding works and the highly skilled specialists.
Our company carries out welding works of any complexity, volume and technical availability (assembling, disassembling, and reconstruction of steel structures). If necessary, there is additional mechanical operation: turning (lathe), milling, and drilling.
Types of welding in service:
• MAW (manual arc welding);
• gas welding – non-ferrous metals soldering (brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum);
• gas welding (oxygen, acetylene, propane);
• electro-gas welding by the tungsten nonconsumable electrode in a shielding gas (argon);
• semi-automatic welding by the nonconsumable electrode in a shielding gas (a mixture of argon-based, carbon dioxide);
• gas cutting of metals.

As the welding base material can be used:
• aluminum and its alloys;
• non-ferrous metals and alloys (brass, copper);
• low- and high-alloy steels.

At the moment we are ready to offer our customers high quality services:
• the industrial plants process pipelines replacement and repair;
• installation and welding of steam and hot-water main pipelines of hot water supply HWS (hot water supply), CWS (cold water supply);
• installation of water towers, vertical tanks, storage vessels;
• installation of compressor, boilers, pumps and their pruning;
• small size metalware manufacturing.
Specialists (field welders) are timely certified, have an allowance for carrying out the gas-flame and welding works.
We are ready to offer our customers the highest quality welding work on our own production lines, as well as on-site of the customer. Highly skilled welders produce quality welding in strict accordance with GOST.
An estimator calculates the exact cost of welding work after the object visual inspection by our specialist and the necessary measurement of welding works volumes.
If you encounter any issues, you can check the information you need by contacting our expert:
Tel. 095-271-07-66


“ENERGY-WELDING GmbH” electric welding equipment

Our company has become the exclusive representative of the welders’ plant ENERGY -WELDING GmbH and can offer the best conditions for cooperation.


In our lives the welding machine is more and more indispensable both in the construction as for remedial maintenance, in subsidiary personal plots and auto repair shops. Due to a number of original design solutions, presented welding machines can work with a wide range of materials. All welders are equipped with the forced cooling. In addition, all welding machines are equipped with high-quality welding torches of the leading German company ABICOR BINZEL. And the traditional for “Energy” welding production technology provides a reliable and continuous operation of the welding machine, and lowest repairs and maintenance costing.
The company’s goal is the each item absolute quality. To achieve the goal the company’s management pays special attention to their production quality control and vocational training of their staff. For all time of existence on the welding technologies market, the company has proved itself as a steadily growing manufacturer of the welding equipment, trustworthy their customers due to its quality and practical convenience. All declared technical data are true. The main indicator – maximum welding current is real, and not in the “short circuit situation”. The power windings are essentially copper, that in combination with a forced cooling increases the allowable load duration and hence, the effectiveness of the product operation. The welding circuits of the inverter and classic welders designed for the problem electrical power networks (unstable, reduced to 30% of voltage, etc.), emit a minimum of interference and work on a gasoline generator.
Elasticity, ergonomics and the length of the burner (3 meters) allow carrying out accurate and quality work in the enlarged area and in hard-to-reach places. Used components of leading companies, electronic circuit layout, component arrangement, quality, ensure the reliable operation of the equipment and a firm guarantee during 24 months. Guarantee repair is carried out in a period of not more than 3 working days. A 100% repairability, the minimum price and ultimate accessibility of the post-warranty service. Due to the wide dealer network – consumable materials and accessories to the sources, the burners and the feeding mechanisms of its own production are always in stock. Certification of the entire production range in the UkrSEPRO system, based on the tests, made at the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, is the “Energy” brand guarantee of safety and the equipment quality.


Insulated shipping containers for dry ice storage and transportation

Cryogenservice company manufactures insulated shipping containers for transportation and storage of granular ice and block solid carbon dioxide. The container body is made of steel and thermally insulated with expanded polyurethane, so they have high strength characteristics, reliable and easy to operate, can be equipped with a wooden pallet or rotating wheels.
The dry ice in these containers does not lose its physical properties and can be stored for several days. Depending on the amount of the stored dry ice, sublimation losses (evaporation) may be from 5% to 10% per day.
The container service life is 5 years.



The MAF gas (methylacetylene – allene fraction) is a guarantee of a welding quality and real savings!

The MAF is a liquefied gas, an effective acetylene substitute. It is used by the Ukrainian enterprises for more than 10 years.
The MAF is twice cheaper acetylene. Germany, Canada and the USA have completely abandoned the acetylene usage, and only the MAF gas is used for welding – a new product in the field of welding and metal cutting.
The MAF is stored and transported in standard cylinders and tanks for propane.


The MAF gas advantage over acetylene

- The welding cost reduction in 2-2.5 times (1 bottle of the MAF replaces 4 cylinders of acetylene or 140-160 kg carbide Ca concerning the performed progress)
- Increase in labour productivity (there is no need in an acetylene generator, the time reducing in preparing for welding works)
- Security (the MAF is much safer than acetylene)
- Environmental friendliness (compared with carbide the MAF gas does not affect the environment, unlike calcium carbide, which does not require a sludge recovery)
- Easy-to-use and transportation (the MAF cylinder is 4 times lighter than an acetylene cylinder)
- The transportation standards as for propane (up to 15 cylinders is not a hazardous substance)
- The MAF gas warranty period of storage is 10 years, whereas the acetylene it is 6 months
- Unlike acetylene it has little tendency to a return kick
- Has an effective flame zone temperature close to the acetylene temperature of the flame of (2927о C vs. 3087о C)

Our company offers you the MAF gas supplies, as well as a full range of equipment needed to operate with the MAF gas.

The equipment set and materials for transition to the MAF:
- Propane cylinder 50 l (containers)
- Propane reducer BPO-5
- MAF burner GZU
- Oxygen hose
- Filling wire of Sv08G2S, Sv12GS marks
- The company WITT (Germany) fire isolation valve

The MAF gas is used in the following processes of metals flame machining:
- carbon steel severing and surface gouging;
- non-ferrous metals gas welding and weld deposition;
- soldering and brazing;
- surface flame hardening;
- flame spraying;
- heating the metal for flattening, bending, shaping etc.


The MAF gas is heavier than air, so it is prohibited in the process of work to place a gas cylinder in those areas where there is no possibility due to natural or forced ventilation to prevent the formation of explosive of the MAF gas concentration mixed with air (3,4-10,8% by volume), and also in the basement and basement areas. Comparative properties of the MAF gases, propane and acetylene:

Indicator name MAF Acetylene Propane
Flame temperature in a mixture with oxygen, oC292730872526
Safety, impact sensitivityStable Unstable Stable
Explosive limits in air, %3,4-10,82,2-8,12,0-9,5
Explosive limit in oxygen2,5-602,3-932,4-57
Tendency to return kickInsignificantSignificantInsignificant

In connection with the decision of the government of Ukraine of 1994 concerning the energy-saving technologies implementation in the national economy, your decision to use the MAF gas at your company instead of expensive and explosive acetylene will be timely and appropriate.